Monday, April 26, 2010

Pos Simpor and Kg Rekom Charity Trip Part 1

I give my time freely to anyone who wants to do good charity trips to the Malaysian jungle provided it meets my rules and the gangs rules. No RELIGION, No Government LInked companies, No POLITICAL alignment then we will donate our time and vehicles.

This time 5 vehicles - All Toyotas - LC II 22R stock, - LC II GREEN AUto Stock apart from 1KZ and the auto and 4" lift kit hahaah - HILUX Surf 1KZ and Locking rear from a ISUZU - LC II 14B-T Monster - LC II Shorty 22R.

The charity trip - pickup 5 staff from Pfizer (Jason the mekanik has organised it all how he did it I will never know but well done) and one Doctor at 10pm on a Friday nite from Kuala Lumpur and head into the jungle dumpoing them back at their office we hope late Monday nite. I am the designated COOK and cargo wagon the rear seats of GREEN folded up its all cargo and food. We have no TARP nothing for camping out no room we are all fully loaded.

The start of the journey after 279k (approx 5 hour drive) to Gua Musang and then 26k to the trailhead its the end of the blacktop. 42k to Pos Simpor (690meters up) and another 10k to Kg Rekom (920 meters up). THis is 8am we have had 3 hours sleep at the restaurant at Gua MUsang (Gua = Cave and Musang is fox or civet cat so its the town of "Fox CAVE" or "Civet Cave". I slept on a outdoor table in my sleeping bag.

The Mekanix jeloppy a cute little SWB LC II its only fault its a 22R under the bonnet. Yuk its a GASSER (or petrol burner).

Left to right the mighty 14B-T (Tyson) in the LJ77 (REDs twin brother), DAFFY the HILUX Surf, and GREEN the cute MArdi GRa Float. Wait a minute WhatTheF**K where is Red. REd is still BLACKLISTED and cannot be registered at present :(

My winch wench DAFFY's drivers wife. DAFFY in the background and then Loo in the STOCK 22R LC II after he pulled the 1G-GZE out as it was useless and dropped a 22R back in.

Soon its signs of lots of logging the logging signs indicate they get 400hectares or 900+ acres to log at a time :(

The loggers have nice huts and company TRUCKS (LORRI HANTU or Ghost Trucks as they have no REGO)

LORRI HanTU's as we have found out are world war 2 era fitted with MERCEDES 6x6 axles and usually a NISSAN v10 Normally aspirated DIESEL (no CC rating available)
Soon we cross the mighty Perias River and its the dangerous climb of about 300 meters totally at the mercy of a LORRI HANTU fully laden with 26 tonnes of logs. GREEN is the lead truck and calls the other through when its not been crushed haha don't laugh this is serious shit stuff. Then we are safer!. I head off some 200-400 meters in front to give warnings out.

DAFFY on the dusty climb

LOO in the stock 22R gasser

Ok they are friendly (whats so friendly about a 26 tonne truck driven by a smiling truckie) but they have rules of engagement.
1. They have the BANK side when laden else they take the CLIFF side.
2. You are smaller they always have the BANK unless they are passing another LORRI Hantu.
3. They cannot stop when fully loaded and will crush you be warned its happened.
4. They do not go slow downhill.
5. They are intimidating.
6. Never never let your concentration slip when at the front they will get you.
7. When it rains they just park up and leave them wheereevery they are middle of the track uphill or downhill slope.

They look narrow until you see the logs sticking out the side.

Like this DUCK, move scoot just get of the road.

Then 11:03am drama DAFFY throws a U-BOLT and the threads are stripped on a DUSTY hill its going nowhere.

I turn back 500 meters and assist then I meet a LORRI HANTU just after I turn around

And DAFFY and the crews all dissappear in a cloud of DUST.

Call for help on my SAT FONE! Nah stuff it the mekanik is with us. A passing LOGGER HILUX offers help and is going to town and offers to buy U-BOLTS.

While this is happening Adzhar is still complaining about his suspension and TYSON running all over the road while we a re standing on the bank after helping put the axle back in the right spot all we need is new U-BOLTS. He said I could not even keep up with you at 80k on the highway on the way up. I tell him I know whats wrong with your truck. He looks at me funny I reply go put a BOLT and a nut on your front left trailing arm its fallen out. A Hi-Lift jack is dismantled and the hi tensile nut and bolt fitted to the trailing arm - problem solved. Adzhar said how did you see that!

We offload kit and swap people around and take the Pfizer staff and kit to Pos Simpor and I return to collect the last Pfizer staffer and my Co-Pilot its a 20k journey back to the broken DAFFY.

The "LOOKOUT" at 500 meters as we call it. Pos Simpor is 2 hills over at 10oclock and Kg Rekom is about 3 hills over at 11oclock in front.

A LORRY HANTU passes as we are at the LOOKOUT

Coming back to pickup the broken DAFFY the loggers arrive at same time with new U-BOLTS here is the two now BANDITS playing in the stinking HOT DUST

Do I look cute in the bandanna?

Then a miracle I take a different route of the main track at the turnoff to Pos Simpor and spot this waterfall between two huts which I never knew were on this track even after coming up here for 5+ years. This we late find out os waterfall 4 of the 5 in the area. I'm coming back in June to walk all 5 over a 3 day trip. THis waterfall appears to be some 2k from where i currently am.

Soon we are back at the clinic which in my time away 3hours has been run and complete so the nurses are bored and guess what thery decide to test the drivers - blood pressure, blood sugar, and colestoral. I fail the sugar test as I expected even with a change of diet for the past 18 months. My colesterol does not even register its that low. Adzhar beside me fails all 3 tests and immediately is warned to change his diet else he has a heart attack driving home. It sinks in hahaha. This is us holding our test results.

Babies are everywhere all held in slings to the parents or grandparents. One lady was 35 and had 9 kids already.

These kids are tough no doubt about it they make city slickers look like dainty faries.

The local national sport SEPAK TAKRAW played on a small court with a net about 6feet of the ground using head and feet and the ball must be kept up same as VOLLEYBALL spectacular when played well.

Meanwhile others are bringing in scraps from the logging

A moth - put ya hand flat and then think the moth is bigger than my hand.

Adzhar helping with dinner - curry chicken then worrying can I eat it hahaha.

The sunday morning clinic for the stragglers and its registration.

All is well until a local faints at the sight of his blood and the baby on his back is crushed rushing to help pickup a fainted man with a baby on his back is not fun or easy.

Pfixer also give out goodies.
Young mums they start at about 14-15 having families.

A young dad and baby

11am the clinic is over so I decide to take the Pfizer staff to mighty Lata Tas about 2k away or a 45 minute walk.

LOO at the Waterfall (Lata Tas)

This picture cannot do it justice - over 100 meters wide and about 3 stories high thundering down getting everything wet. I would not miss it for the world I love coming here and bringing Malaysians to see something they do not know exists in their own country.

The waterfall flows down here. Its dirty from the logging :(

Two of the nurses with me and Adzhar.

The guides and Qi Lin the Pfizer boss.

This is where we cross the river to go back to Pos SImpor. The afternoons destination is way up in the distance on top of the hill (Kampung (village) Rekom.

Soon we are off to Kg Rekom for the next clinic. 10k Away it might as well be 1000 its at 930 meters but we have to climb to 1200 meters then up and down some of these climbs tough in the dry in the wet impassable. THis is DAFFY and the LOO truck at 930 meters at Kg Rekom the clouds are GREY oops.